How Positive Thinking Makes Your Life Better
How Positive Thinking Makes Your Life Better: One day, there was a kingdom ruled by an emperor. He was assisted by the Senapati to help him manage the state.

The commander was also an advisor and close friend of the emperor because the emperor always sought his advice or opinion about something, and he always went hunting with the emperor in the forest.

One of the emperor’s favorite hobbies was the hunting of rabbits. The Senapati had a unique feature. He was positive thinking in every situation, whether good or bad with him. Whenever the emperor was asked about his opinion, his answer was only one – “This is good.”

Once it was raining and the emperor asked the general’s opinion about it, he replied, “This is good, my emperor. We will not feel the heat, we are protected from dryness and the trees and plants will grow as usual.” When feeling hot, and there is no hope of rain and the Emperor asks him then, he answers, “It is good, my Emperor. If it is not raining, the emperor can go to the forest to hunt some rabbits.”

Whenever the commander was asked by the emperor, his answer was always good, good, good, good, and good. Sometimes the emperor was a little disappointed by the commander’s reply. The commander believed that everything was good and there were always positive sides behind what was happening.

How Positive Thinking Makes Your Life Better:

One day, the Emperor accidentally bites his finger causing him to lose his little finger. And as usual, the commander said, “This is good.” Which made the emperor very angry and ordered the commander to be sent to jail because he said that even though the emperor had lost his little finger, it was good. The emperor felt that his commander had insulted him.

One day, the emperor wanted to go on a hunt. Because the commander was in prison, he decided to go alone into the jungle to hunt some rabbits. The emperor’s fate was not right as he had not yet found the rabbit. But he did not give up and kept going and kept searching.

When the day rolled, the emperor could not find his way home because he had gone too far. He got lost in the forest. The emperor shouted loudly that if anyone was listening to his voice, help him.

After a while, a group of men came towards the emperor. However, they looked strange, they held spears, etc. looked like humans. He then targeted the emperor with his spears and because the emperor could not fight alone with all of them, when he was caught, he was taken captive. They were taken captive to a village, a primitive village where they lived. He collected sticks and placed them around the emperor.

The emperor knew that he would be destroyed by fire. He was sad because he realized that he would die like this. Suddenly, the attention of a primitive man went to the Emperor’s hand and he realized that he did not have a finger.

The initial human shouted in a loud voice and told other tribals about it. Others were scared about this. The primitive man said that he who has incomplete hand fingers is a demon and it will hurt him. After a long conversation among themselves, they finally set him free and let him go away from his village.

The emperor fled at his highest speed to get out of the frightened village. Fortunately, he finds his way to his palace and finally reaches his palace safely. With exhaustion, he goes to jail and asks the guards to free the commander. He was very sorry and apologized to the commander.

The emperor told the commander what he had experienced in the primitive village sometime before. He felt that if he had not lost his little finger, he might have died of burns. He understood why it was good for him to lose his little finger because he had survived only with his incomplete fingers.

When asked about his opinion of the general being sent to prison, he replied with his favorite words, “That’s great, my emperor.” If I had not been in jail, I might have gone hunting with you. ” Both were caught by primitive men. Because I had my entire finger, which would have killed those primitive humans by burning me. I am very lucky that I was sent to jail by the Emperor, who saved my life. Thank you very much, my emperor.”

Message to readers:

How Positive Thinking Makes Your Life Better: In the whole world, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second, something happens. Everything always changes, whether good or bad. We believe that we have experienced something good or bad at some point in our life.

If what is coming to us is good, then we will be happy and face this world with confidence. When something good happens, we will keep Positive Thinking. And when something bad comes to us, we will behave differently. We will have negative thinking, feeling, or whatever and we will probably face this world. We know that each and everyone in this world must have done something good or bad for us.

Nobody has ever considered anything bad in their life. You should create positive thinking in your life. However, we must know and feel that when we are in a bad feeling, emotion, mood, or thinking, it will not help us in overcoming the problem, and also the problem we are facing is not far away from us. Will go.

We must think clearly that when the problem is coming to us, it is far better to have positive thinking than negative thinking. By having positive thinking, we will face the world better, we will be happier, we will think clearly and wisely, and finally, we will find a way to solve that problem. When we are governed by our negative thinking, we will be in more problems and everything will not get better.

Now you have the option of positive thinking or negative thinking. You are completely responsible for your life.

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