17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes
17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes
Chanakya thoughts are not just like ordinary motivational quotes, but they are tested in every way. Therefore, such precious words which if a person takes off in his life, he can never fail.

So, let’s start reading 17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes:

17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes:

Certainly, the priceless ideas of Acharya Chanakya, the greatest scholar, and philosopher of his time are a source of inspiration even today. That is to say, every thought of Chanakya fits the test of life perfectly.

1. “A person is great by his actions, not by his birth” – (Chanakya)

2. “The greatest power of the world is the conscience of man and the beauty of a woman” – (Chanakya)

3. “Do not expose your secrets to anyone. This habit will prove fatal for yourself” – (Chanakya)

4. “Learn from the mistakes of others; By experimenting on your own, your age will not be enough to learn” – (Chanakya)

5. “Even if a Kuber spends more than his income, then he becomes a pauper” – (Chanakya)
17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes
17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes
6. “Before going to start any work, just ask yourself – Why am I going to do this? What will be the result? Will I be successful” – (Chanakya)

7. “God is not in idols, your feeling is your God, the soul is your temple” – (Chanakya)

8. “The money earned by selling your honesty and religion is of no use to yourself, so sacrifice it, this is the best for you” – (Chanakya)

9. “There is selfishness behind every friendship – this is the bitter truth” – (Chanakya)

10.  “Do not make friends of such people who are above or below your level, they will cause your trouble, always make your friends of your level they will make you happy” – (Chanakya)
17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes
17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes:

11. “There is neither your friend nor enemy in the world, your own thoughts, it is responsible for this” – (Chanakya)

12.  “The aroma of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But a person’s goodness spreads in all direction” – (Chanakya)

13. “There is poison in the snake’s fun, fly’s mouth, and scorpion stings; But the evil person is full of it” – (Chanakya)

14. “Diligence is the key that unlocks the door to luck” – (Chanakya)

15. “He who lives in our thinking is close, even if in reality he is far away; But what is not in our heart, it is far away despite being close” – (Chanakya)

16. “Chandragupta: Luck has already been written, so what will be gained by trying Chanakya: What luck do I know that I will get by trying” – (Chanakya)

17. “A person who does not give up despite not having enough power, No power in the world can beat him” – (Chanakya)

Wait for a while, it would have taken you only 2 or 3 minutes to read the 17-Powerful Chanakya Motivational Quotes. But if you have taken one of these ideas in your life. Certainly,  then these two minutes are going to be one of the best times of your life for today. Moreover, tell the thoughts of great scholars like Chanakya to your children and other family members also.

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