A student, friends, and children whose parents have a dream. You all have a dream too. We all want to get a good job just after completing our studies and enjoy life. But does this really happen? Does this happen to all students? – Actually, this happens with some students but not with all, why?

A Student: Who Thinks Out Of Box

It is often seen that students face many difficulties even after doing graduation, post-graduation, & even professional courses. According to research, 90% of the students are not skilled as the requirements of the industry. By working hard, even after higher education, they are not able to make a career of their choice.

If You Are A Student: Why You Should Think Out Of Box?

So, based on my 10 years of experience and observation as a teacher, mentor, and trainer for the/a student(s) I want to share some important things which are as follows:

1. The Rote Habit Won’t Help A Student:

Curb the rote nature. Clear the concepts by understanding the facts. Because the rote habit will stop your mind from becoming logical.

2. Don’t Be Limited To The Syllabus:

Usually, most of the students are limited to the exam syllabus. If you are busy with only syllabus and exam-oriented studies, then you will be deprived of various types of knowledge.

3. Ask Questions:

Instead of passive learning, focus on active learning. Stop studying just for the exams. Questions make us rational. It is not like asking questions to teachers in the classroom itself. Today you can ask questions by visiting various online platforms. Questions can also be raised as well as answering the questions of others by participating in the forums.

4. Be Responsible For Yourself:

The career is yours, so take responsibility for it. Your parents and teachers can guide you but the decisions should be yours. Because, parents can help you in the first job of life, but the latter should be your responsibility.

5. Be A Professional Student:

It would be better if you pay attention to the things like discipline, Commitments, Proper Behavior, Use of Respectful Language, etc. at the school level itself. You can become a good leader by participating in or organizing various programs for leadership skills.

6. Focus On Communication Skills:

For this, you can achieve success by working on the art of speaking fluently. So read good books, and learn new words and sentences. Improve your English. And keep practicing.

7. Stop Showing Off As You Are A Student:

If You are a student then your life is not an object of exhibition. So do not show your talent to every friend and acquaintance. Keep working on yourself continuously. Develop yourself.

8. Stop Comparing With Other/A Student(s):

Every human is different. So don’t compare yourself to others. Because the skills that you have may or may not be in your friends.

What Can A Student Do In Extra?

There may be many things but here I am sharing some of the best things for you:

1. Do Internship:

In today’s time, a large number of companies hire interns in different work areas for one to two months. Even many companies pay salaries during internships. So you can apply for any professional course in the related field. Even if you do not get an internship opportunity in a big company, you can learn a lot by joining a small business or company as it will boost your confidence.

2. Make A Habit Of Reading:

Every student reads the syllabus books. A student can get only a mark sheet or degree by completing school or college courses. But for a good life and career read good books. See magazines and good blogs.

3. Be a volunteer:

Invest some amount of your time as a volunteer. It will make you confident and will guide you to be motivated. Also, it will teach you many things. You will learn a lot of new things.

4. Skill Development:

Everyone buys smartphones in the digital age. Before buying, you take a look at all the features of the phone. You check which smartphone will be the best for you. You would compare the price of different brands. Obviously, you would like more good features for less money.

The same condition of your career in today’s time. The more features you develop in yourself, the more people will like you. The more good features a smartphone has, the more it will be liked. In the same way, your price will be good only when you have better features than others.

So work on multiple skills to inculcate these features in you. Because today is the era of multi-skilled. To show you are more talented than others when the time comes, you must have additional skills and features than others.

5. Identify Your Interests:

There are many people around you who are experts in their field. For example, those who sing well, dance well, write well, can speak without hesitation, are adept at taking photos, are adept at motivating others, helping others, etc. But what about you? Are you limited in your studies?

Look, no person can become an expert in many things at once. So, you just have to identify your field and become the master of that field. You can select two to three fields at once. But focus on any one field of your interest.

6. Take Help:

Many students are hesitant to seek help from others. If needed, enlist the help of others who can happily help you. Help others when they need your help. For example – It is better to make good use of time than to waste time with friends. A better way might be to sit together and talk about each other’s interests and skills. With this, you can share your skills and experience with each other. Which will help you in skill learning and practicing.

7. Short Term And Vocational Courses:

You can take the help of coaching for such skills for which you need coaching. For example, there can be martial arts, app development, singing, swimming, dancing, music, etc.

8. Keep Practicing:

Practice makes a man perfect. Keeping this one line in mind, keep working & practicing. One day, definitely you will become an expert in your field.

Be Ahead Of Other Students:

This is not as simple as it sounds. When we talk about staying two steps ahead of other students, then the thinking behind it is not that you should make the path difficult for yourself. Every person has his own abilities and skills. So could it be possible that you are always ahead of everyone? Is it possible for you to be ahead in everything? If you look carefully, you will come to know that there are many students ahead of us and also behind us. When every person has a limit, then how will it be possible to stay ahead in every direction?

After school and college life, when you go to business or a job, you will find that this is the time to compete with each other and be successful by forming a good team. According to circumstances and maturity, where to compete and where to collaborate, have a good idea of it. Compete with others with continuous self-development. Keep in mind, there should be healthy competition with others and not humiliation of others.

Being influenced by others to do the same is an old idea. One can choose the direction of one’s personal progress by looking at others and the effort can be started by considering others as ideal or standard. When you keep trying, you will be achieved your goal. You will see that the standards of success are getting higher for you. You don’t need to be afraid. Everything can’t happen in a day or a month. One has to carry a long-term goal. You can understand this with an example:-


If you want to be a good cricketer, who would you idealize? Let’s assume Sachin Tendulkar. Even before becoming like Sachin, you have to be like many other players and then move ahead of them. You will play at the school level, college level, sports club level, and state level. Only then you can reach equal to Sachin and national-international level players. It takes years of hard work. It depends on your ability, talent, and determination.

A Student Knowledge:

In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, what we know is a drop and what we do not know is an ocean. Is there any course that will make you successful after completing it? Question yourself and find the answer. You should know what actually you don’t know:

1. Ask Questions:

Of course, you must know what you do not know and what you should know. Ask questions for intellectual development. If scientists had not asked curious questions and searched for answers other than the accepted assumptions, then the earth would have been flat even today.

2. Invest Your Time Wisely:

Despite everyone having limited time, a student have plenty of time, some have not. Some are very busy and some are troubled due to lack of time. Your 24 hours depending on your time management. So before investing time, see where you are investing. where to invest how much time? No one is short of time. There can only be a lack of self-motivation. So stay motivated.