Good Leadership Qualities: An Important Skill
If a person knows his strengths and weaknesses then only he can have Good Leadership Qualities.

So, let’s start knowing about good leadership qualities. This is possible only through self-analysis. Only having good leadership qualities is not enough if you don’t know to perform good leadership skills.

Importance Of Good Leadership Qualities:

Performing leadership anywhere is a big challenge. Because your team’s future rests on your decisions. So, a good leader is considered to be the one who takes decisions in the interest of the team, not just keeping his interests in mind. However, it is often seen that many people become bosses at a very young age. Their function skills are good, but they do not become good leaders. Which sometimes causes problems for the entire team. let’s understand this with an example:

Often I do not forget that night of 1983. I was watching that match with some of my friends at my home. Suddenly everyone started clapping. Everyone stood up and the national anthem started. Because India had won the 1983 World Cup.

Later I kept wondering for a long time what was it that made everyone live together and made them proud to be Indians. So I got an idea right. While nothing was happening to inspire people in the country, Kapil demonstrated powerful leadership, which made every Indian proud. Because Kapil’s strategy was to be a good leader and not a boss. To acquire good leadership qualities, identify your weaknesses and use appropriate methods. So, do not let whatever opportunity comes out of your hands and do not give up in times of crisis.

Effective Leadership Qualities:

Good Leadership Qualities: An Important Skill
Because the policy is to be a good leader, not a boss. So, its essence is to instill in your colleagues the spirit of working together. Actually, Kapil did it. Because he gave importance to everyone on his team. Because on the field, he was inspiring everyone and not condemning. So, there was no mutual malice in anyone. So, that was Kapil’s leadership qualities. That is why that match remains an inspiration in my mind.

Why Is Leadership An Important Skill?

Any team is able to perform well only when its leader believes in leadership more than becoming the boss. Kapil had already said in an interview that his priority would be fielding. So, he will not accept any player who is not ready to give his best performance. Because the success of the leader depends on the methods adopted during the course of the proceedings. So, Kapil used appropriate tactics in every match. Changed them as needed. He gave great importance to practice. Because he made the pace bowlers highly effective by using the right methods. As a result, they became the reason for his victory. So, not letting opportunities go out of hand is the greatest quality of a good leader. So Kapil did the same. Whether it was batting or bowling, Kapil’s boys did not let a single opportunity go by hand.

It Is The Qualities Of Good Leadership Not To Lose Courage In A Time Of Crisis:

At that time no one was sure that India would win the match. But Kapil’s firm decision defeated English superiority. Australia was also dismissed on the lowest score. So, whatever Kapil did was not impossible. So, there were only firm determination and the right action. Each one of us can do this.

Do You Have Good Leadership Qualities? Assess Yourself?

Here we are giving 20 characteristics of a good leader. Answer them in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Later, according to the score table, find out how successful you provide leadership.

1. Do I bother my team members?
2. Do I encourage them?
3. Do I try to improve those members who do not do good work on the basis of moral strength?
4. Do I try to encourage weak and poor members as much as I can?
5. Do I know the names and characteristics of all the people in my team?
6. Am I they are a good friend?
7. Do I fully understand the responsibilities, techniques, requirements, and objectives of my job?
8. Do I yell at individuals?
9. Do I act in such a way that my team members consider me ideal?
10. Do I share work among team members?
11. Do I want to do all the work myself?
12. Do I give greater responsibility and authority to team members?
13. Do I treat them like family members?
14. Do I explain anything with a cool mind?
15. Do I fret in vain?
16. Do I provide support to members when needed?
17. Do I respect my officers?
18. Do I insult my team members?
19. Can my team members visit me anytime?
20. Do I make my team members realize their mistakes in front of others?

If your score is more than 15, then you are a successful leader. But if your score is between 10 and 14, then you are an average leader. And you are not a good leader at less than 10.

Top 5-Characteristics Of A Good Leader:

Good Leadership Qualities: An Important Skill
You have become the boss, but do you have all the qualities of a good leader? Do the people who work with you praise you or is the matter something different? So every leadership has its own different style. Which depends largely on personality. Before taking any kind of decision, some things are very important to be taken care of:

1. Confidence in decision making including responsibility.
2. Leaders trust themselves.
3. Leaders own fundamental values.
4. That goal, where the leader wants to reach.
5. The level of confidence that the leader has in his mood.

5-Leadership Styles:

Although every leader has his own style and leadership qualities, here we are giving some of the best styles of leadership:


You listen to everyone but do your heart. Before taking any decision, you should consider the things of your colleagues, but take the final decision on your own. Do not share any situation with others. So, take any decision only on the basis of your knowledge and information.


Take a decision based on the facts. You can also take the decision by taking information from other people. So, it is not necessary that you tell them your problem. Just take the information, do not get advice. After this, come to a decision at your discretion.


You can take information by sharing the conversation with each member. Also seek their advice, so that a solution can be found to the problem. After doing all this, decide for yourself.


Consult the entire group and then give a decision. Meet all the group members and seek solutions and advice from them. Use them as advisors. You can pay attention to their feelings and suggestions, but make the final decision yourself.


Tell the whole team the problem and then make a decision together. By doing this, you will give every member of your team the power to decide. In such a situation, you will discuss the problem with your team members. You will not take decisions alone, but you and your entire team will decide.

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