Extracurricular Activities Why Are Important In Career?

Extracurricular activities reveal your personality. Therefore, if you are going to make your resume, then do not forget to highlight this side of your personality.

Therefore, while planning your career, take special care of what skills you have that you can use at your workplace. And if you are starting and/or changing your career, then it becomes very important for you to have some extra skills.

One thing to note here is that you should not write obstinately about your hobbies or curricular activities. During the interview, there is a possibility that you will be asked questions related to the activities that have been written about. In such a situation, if you are not able to answer those questions, then it has a negative effect.

You don’t only need a college degree to get a good job. Nor can your good scores and grades get you a decent job. Then what should it be like to get a good job? How have your extracurricular activities been along with your academic achievement? You need to make sure of this.

What Are Co-Curricular Activities:

As the new session begins in the colleges, it is like stepping into a new world for the students entering the free environment of the college for the first time. This experience is as exciting as it is challenging.

After the regular discipline of the school, the students get an opportunity to study and interact with the students of different states and backgrounds in the college and also to develop their personalities.

Because your extracurricular activities are the only thing that will help you to get a good job. Under these activities, you can choose many activities according to your interest. Some of these major activities are:

Examples Of Extracurricular Activities:

  • Art and craft
  • Personal doings
  • Athletics
  • Singing and dancing
  • Self/community services
  • Part time Job/work
  • Sports clubs
  • Different societies and many more.

You may participate or be associated with any of these. By doing this you will learn a lot, as well as your skills, will also develop. These skills will make you a better candidate than other candidates. Because such activities play an important role in the development of your knowledge and skills.

These activities are essential elements of school and university life. Your experience, personal qualities and, skills will prove to be helpful in getting a good job in the future. In today’s time, every employer looks for all these qualities in all its employees to maintain productivity in the workplace.

But keep in mind that while college is the freedom of fun, on the other hand, it is also an important milestone in your career. Success is possible only when you keep a balance between these two.

So follow some of the things given below:

1. Extracurricular Activities:

Various activities like music, drama, sports, and debates are organized in the college. If you are well versed or interested in any field then participate in them. This will develop your talent. Maybe you will be able to make a mark in college and inter-college competitions due to your talent.

2. Make More Interaction With People:

College is such a platform, where along with studies, you can groom your personality too. Along with attending the class regularly, increase the interaction with your seniors, professors, and others. It is very important for personality development. It also helps in many routine tasks.

3. Participate In Student Union Elections As Extracurricular Activities:

Elections start a few days after the new session starts. Which are called student union elections. It is not necessary that you contest elections and participate in rallies and election campaigns. But, taking interest in student issues and topics increases your own knowledge.

4. Language:

Inferiority is also seen in the students who come from small towns to study in metros. Especially due to lack of good command of the English language, they are reluctant to put their views in front of everyone. Keep in mind whether it is Hindi or English, the most important thing is to present your thoughts correctly.

Importance Of Extra-Curricular Activities:

Every youth wants to get a good job after completing their studies. The first thing in this endeavor is to create a resume. While making a resume, some people exaggerate their extra activities, while some ignore it. But if we talk about the job trends, then all the companies want to hire people who are rich in versatility.

It is often seen that students start ignoring extra-curricular activities as soon as they come out of college. But the truth is that they also have an important role in getting the job. If you see, such activities of the candidate like sports, debate, drama, etc. have a positive effect on the interviewer.

If these activities are related to your work area, then your candidature increases even more. But even if these activities are not related to your work area, their importance does not diminish. Participating in these activities increases the sense of sociality in you. And shows your hardworking, efficiency, and ability to work under pressure.

Many times you must have seen that many candidates with the same qualifications are in line for the same post. In such a situation, the recruiters give preference to such a candidate, who has knowledge of other areas apart from the work area. Extracurricular activities prove to be a plus point, provided you perform them properly.

Selectors always prefer to hire candidates who have more knowledge and experience. If you have knowledge of computers along with studies, then your candidature automatically increases.

Since every company has its own working system and software. In such a situation, having the ability of that system and software is a plus point for you. If you want to join the field of networking or computer, then having knowledge of different programming languages will be beneficial for you.

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