Learn To Factual Listening Skills: 5 – Simple Steps

What Is Factual Listening?

Dialogue can never be one-sided. You will be able to give a correct and effective response only when you listen to the person in front. In this sequence, the process of analyzing facts and contemplating hidden meanings should also go along. So, you have to learn factual listening skills.

Factual Listening Skills:

Usually, we give priority to dialogue in the process of conversation. But it should not be forgotten that listening is an important part of this process.

You will be surprised to know that there is only 10 percent who are able to implement the art of listening correctly, i.e., are able to listen to each other’s talk in an orderly, intelligent manner and by remembering the context.

5 – Simple Technique For Factual Listening Skills:

I am sharing some simple techniques to be good at listening and hope you will benefit and can also give your advice through comments…

1. Don’t Interrupt The Person In Front Of You:

Often there is a desire to interrupt the speaker while speaking. Conquer it. Keep your question in mind, but do not interrupt. Make the speaker feel with your gesture that you are listening to him carefully.

If you are not able to understand, ask again politely. By a misunderstanding, it is better to ask him again. If you want to get rid of the habit of interrupting again and again while talking, then you must apologize every time you do so.

2. Give Enough Time For Listening:

If you demonstrate that the time for listening is very short, then the speaker will also speak in a hurry and thus the communication may be ineffective. So, it is important to give time for the conversation to be very clear at all.

3. Maintain Concentration While Listening:

We can talk three times faster than we can speak. Therefore our concentration also keeps on distracting. This often happens during long meetings and speeches. Focus on what is saying to you.

Keep analyzing what is being said, this will keep your concentration stable. So, you will be able to listen to critical criticism of things, also you will be able to analyze it at the same time. In this way, you will be completely able to listen effectively.

4. Listening Between the Lines:

To make the speaker excited, keep your attention focused on him. Shake your head if you agree with some point of him. It is important to keep your analysis repeating the point when you get time in between the conversation.

The analysis here means understanding the meanings and their implications in the talk being said. This is a very interesting process. Once, if you practice it, you will enjoy listening even more. It is called Listening Between the Lines.

5. How Do I Focus On Factual Listening Skills:

Often, the person is so immersed in the talk that is being said that the connection and context break. In such a situation, questions and analyses are going on, but they may also be unsuitable for the ongoing context at that time.

So, it should also be avoided. Your suggestions and analysis will be appropriate and effective only when you remember what is being said in context.


Today, I have discussed How to Learn Factual Listening Skills. And I have also discussed why factual listening is so important in our daily life. There are still many more things to discuss but I have chosen the best part of it. Which if you follow then definitely by practicing you will become a good factual listener.

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