Live In The Present: Not In The Past And Future

Life is like a journey, live in the present well and you should enjoy this journey to the fullest. You should correct the present by learning from your past and make the future right. Let’s start reading “live in the present” motivational story:

Live In The Present No Matter What The Circumstances Are:

In this story, you are going to learn how to live in present. Most importantly, you will learn about removing negative feelings while living in present. So, let’s get started reading the story:

Once Guruji was teaching life lessons to some of his disciples. He was telling the disciples that our life consists of many things.

The disciples were listening attentively to GuruJi. A disciple stood up and started to question Guruji. Guruji said, tell me what is the problem, son. The disciple asked why man always remains unhappy?

On hearing this question, all the disciples become completely calm. They all started waiting for Guruji to speak. Guruji stands and takes the disciples towards the forest.

Seeing all this, the disciples start talking among themselves. And ask each other why we are going to the forest. Even listening to all this, Guruji remains silent and moves forward. The disciples also follow them.

With deep curiosity in the mind, the disciples are talking with each other. They all want to know why Guruji is taking them to the forest? Which lesson of life are we going to be taught today?

A disciple says that there are lions in the forest and they will eat us. Another disciple says that there are also wild elephants in the forest.

Hearing the talk of both the disciples, all the disciples get very scared. But Guruji still does not speak anything and moves peacefully.

One Should Dare To Face Every Situation:

One Should Dare To Face Every Situation

After walking for about 40 minutes, Guruji finally passes through the very front of the forest. Seeing all this, the disciples close their eyes.

But this time Guruji says to the disciples, do not panic, I am not taking you into the forest. You all keep following me. After listening to Guruji, all the disciples become silent. He asks Guruji, where are we going, Guruji?

While walking, the place comes where Guruji was taking his disciples. Guruji stops and takes all the disciples to his hut.

Seeing all this, the disciples jostle with joy. They were very happy to come to Guruji’s hut. All the disciples start thanking Guruji. Guruji asks the disciples to rest.

The next morning all the disciples get ready and gather in front of Guruji. Guruji asks everyone to sit. The disciple repeats the same question again and says why didn’t you answer my question.

Guruji starts speaking and says that life is like a journey. Human beings get entangled in other things instead of enjoying their journey. He does not take advantage of the present and is worried about the past or for the time to come.

No Need To worry, Live In The Present:

Hearing Guruji’s words, the disciple asks how this happen? Guruji says that when we started the journey to reach here, all of you were worried about why we are going to the forest. While in reality you did not know where we are going.

You were all afraid that a lion would eat us in the forest, an elephant would eat in the forest. Not all of you talked about enjoying the journey even once on the way. You did not see the mountains coming in the way, did not see the trees, did not see the clouds, you did not give importance to nature as much as what was going on in your mind about the forest.

All of you were worried about why we are going to the forest. Same way every human, instead of enjoying his life’s journey, he is worried about the useless things and there is no curiosity about the present.

The disciple got the answer to his question after listening to Guruji. He thanked Guruji. All the disciples thanked Guruji by clapping.


Friends, this happens to all of us. Except for our present, we either continue to worry about the future or worry about the past. In fact, your present is the best time. Your present determines your future. Therefore, we should live our present well.

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