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Developing motivation in life is nothing rather it is also a process of learning. It means exploring yourself to make life better.

And how it actually works, how to develop motivation, and what factors may affect it is important in many ways.

What Is Motivation?

By a process you initiate, guide yourself, and build goal-oriented doings is called motivation. We can use motivation for different purposes.

It can use as a guiding force for human behavior, to develop a new perspective on life.

Self-Motivation is a biological, effusive, sociable, and cognitive drive that sparks behavior.

Motivation does not only refer to the factors that spark behaviors but also includes the factors that lead and sustain these goal-oriented functions.

Motivation Psychology:

Psychologists have projected different theories of motivation, like drive theory, instinct theory, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Motivation Types:

Intrinsic or Extrinsic are basically described as types of motivation.

Extrinsic motivations:

Extrinsic motivations refer to those factors that activate from external sources such as prizes, money, or praise.

Intrinsic motivations:

Intrinsic motivations are those factors that activate from within the individual including doing a job for personal interests, giving support for those who need it, social work, etc.

How Motivation In Life Affects Us?

Motivation affects our life in many ways. For example, we use our time properly, remain active, our goal is always in front of us, and most interestingly, we remember our responsibilities.

Motivation in life changes the way we work. Our ability to work increases. We also separate ourselves from some bad habits. And apart from all this motivation can help in:

  • Improving the work efficiency of people.
  • Taking life-changing steps.
  • Inspire people to motivate others.
  • Maintaining healthy relationships with others.
  • People feel confident within themselves.

All this can only be possible through motivation.

Motivational Factors:

Maslow assumes that what motivates people is unmet needs. According to Maslow, the needs that motivate people to fall into five basic categories:

1. Physiological Needs:

Required for survival. For example, Food, Clothes, and Shelter.

2. Security and Safety Needs:

Keep people safe and away from disasters.

3. Social Needs:

The desire for love and relationships.

4. Self-Esteem Needs:

Needed for self-esteem and the respect of others.

5. Self-Actualization Needs:

That describes the desire to live life to one’s full potential.

In addition, we can divide the motivational factors into two categories:

  • Good Time Factors
  • Bad Time Factors


Good times in life mean lots of happiness. But this happiness also makes us dull. So, we forget many things and do not even remember God.

On the other hand, Bad times in life mean there is no happiness. So bad times motivate us to remember God. So Prayers make us stronger from the inside.


Whether we want to get success in life or in some work, many of us forget that success and failure are both roles.

Many people become selfish when successful. If not successful, people feel insecure. So, in such a situation, they need inspiration.

Way To Develop Motivation In Life:

Way To Develop Motivation In Life

The process of learning motivation is not as straightforward as we think. So, you should get rid of some of your habits (or we can call them bad habits) to achieve the desired results.

You have to leave your Comfort Zone. Only then you can develop motivation.

Myths About Motivation:

Generally, when we talk about Motivation, each and every one of us gives an answer in Yes we want Motivation.

But here one question arises that: Is Motivation a thing? Which is going to distribute somewhere by somebody and you will just go there and get it. No!

Instead, You don’t know exactly what the next few moments in your life are going to be like.

There will be lots of things at that moment, and many questions in your mind. Why has this happened to me? What were the things that I should have taken care of?

Yes! This can happen to anyone. Because life is not as stable as we think it is. Because your life is so dynamic and flexible that you cannot imagine. So, you have to change your perspective.

A State Of Self-Motivation In Life:

A person learns from the good and bad things in life. An event that you don’t know anything about before, but after it happens you realize that it can happen to anyone. You have experienced something new.

Therefore, when you do not know about an unexpected event before, but after the event has happened, you have experienced it, then it is a state of self-motivation.

For example, Some of my students have come in complaining of a need for motivation; from not getting enough motivation to do the homework, doing domestic work without saying and, getting rid of chatting late at night.

They all wanted motivation because they did not know about self-motivation. Due to negative thinking in the mind, these complaints can have to anyone. For example, I will do it later or do not have enough time to do it at the moment, and I am busy right now, etc.

For Example:

One day, one of my students came to me and said whenever someone asks me to do some work at home I just get upset and thinks why are they said me to do it and why they don’t do that work on their own?

He said that sometimes he wanted to do but he could not do that just because of his all-time habit. And then he asked me what should I do to overcome this problem?

So, when we want some motivation ( or you can say a solution to a problem ), then we go to any motivational institute, counseling person or we may go to our parents or elder brother/sister, our teachers.

Then all these people try to give some solution or the way to reach the desired goal. So, they all try to tell us what is right or what is wrong. Or they may tell us how you can plan to get positive results.

So, what is that all about? All those things are not a solution to your problem, from which you will get a result, no.

But, they all try to educate you or try to tell you about all the possible situations that may come your way or the events that you do not want let to be happening.

What you have learned from good or bad events in life is an inspiration. So, keep going, and wish you the very best for self-motivation.

How To Develop Self-Motivation?

As we all have our lives in three sections: past, present, future. So, if you want a better start in life, you can do it anytime. The best thing for you is that you should learn from your past to shape the present and learn from the present to make your future simple and enjoyable.

Problems in life will come and go. So, you have to learn from experience. Therefore, it will be better for you instead of being happy about what you have achieved, consider what else can you do in life.

Learning from life experiences is always better than studying in closed rooms.

How To Develop Internal Motivation In Life?

In today’s time, every person talks about changing the world. But the truth is that he does not change himself. Whereas the first duty of every person should be to change himself.

People have developed the perception of always viewing their bad times as negative. While sorrows always tell us the truth of life.

The person should have the ability to deal with both happiness and sorrow. The two always go together. If there is no sorrow, then also there will be no happiness.

If you are not serious about your work, then it may mean that you have a wrong perception of the work you are doing.

To achieve proficiency in your hobby and passion, you have to keep it alive. If you do not work on them continuously, then they can be slowly removed from inside you.

Information comes and goes but your knowledge stays with you. So, to get something in life, you have to be optimistic.

How To Develop Motivation Skills?

Actually, the power of being motivated or not is within you. The difference between these two conditions can also be called the mind gap. If you learn how to fill that gap, then your chances of success in life also increase.

For example:

Imagine you are not hungry, yet you are given a plate of food. You hold that for some time. After some time you will put that plate down and take a long breath. Was that plate really heavy? Obviously, your answer will be no.

Now take another example, instead of a plate of food, if somebody put 2000 rupees in your hand every minute. By doing this, your hands will not get tired and you will be happy after getting two thousand rupees.

Now the question arises that where did this power come from within you?

The answer is hidden in the gap between consent or disagreement with different situations in you. When you want to do something, you find all the conditions related to it easy. But due to reluctance, even the smallest obstacle becomes big.

In other words, when you want to do something, as a result, your brain brings all the mental and physical capabilities used to perform that task into a state of high alert and you find the task easier.

But if you are not motivated to do any work, then the brain is not stimulated nor the physical abilities. In such a situation, not only will you feel tired but also feel bored.

There is a very small gap in the mind between likes and dislikes. This Mind Gap can be filled by identifying the needs or by your emotions.

Some Suggestions To Develop Motivation In Life:

You can also follow the suggestions on how to develop motivation given below:

  • To maintain your interest in any task, pay attention to various aspects of it.
  • Try to innovate at work.
  • Do not suffer from any prejudice about the work.
  • Get into the habit of doing your work yourself.
  • There can be many different ways of doing a task, work in different ways.
  • If you do not understand any work, seek help.
  • Always working in a routine can cause boredom. You can change your routine a little bit.


The goal of life should not be to live a life of comfort as well as to live long. Rather your life should be useful to others and the importance of life should be in the art of living it.

Your life should be first for you. Unless you live for yourself, how can you live with someone else? It means to say that if you cannot take care of yourself, then how can you take care of others connected with you.

Until you learn to work hard by yourself, you cannot be mentally strong. All kinds of powers are within you. But you cannot experience them until you awaken them.

So, by understanding the ups and downs in life, you can get rid of all your problems. Then you will not feel the need for suggestions given by anyone nor you will need any kind of external motivation. Now you have experienced how to develop motivation.

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