Motivational Story On Difficulties

Often we are worried about the difficulties we face in life. We want our life to have no difficulty. Difficulties are not just obstacles, but they also teach us to fight. We can understand this easily through a Motivational Story On Difficulties.

Difficulties are also a part of life and teach us to live with happiness and prosperity. So, let’s start reading a beautiful story:

Motivational Story On Difficulties: Teach Us To Fight Difficulties

Two farmers, Ram Avatar and Balaram, lived in a village. Both were very hardworking. So both of their lives were going well.

One day Ram Avatar asked Balarama, why don’t we think about protecting our crops from every year’s losses and we should do something about it. Due to this, there will not be any disease in the crop and the crop will also be good.

After thinking about this for a while, Balaram refused to do so. Now Ram Avatar had only two options left: first, he also quit thinking so, second, he alone do so.

Ram Avtar decided to choose the second option. Ram Avatar did exactly what he thought. And after some time he managed to save his crop from all kinds of diffusivities. So, now he was able to protect the crop from strong winds, storms, and other hazards that could damage the crop.

On the other hand, Balaram was still farming like he was doing till now. Ram Avatar was happy as he could save his crop from unseasonal rain and other hazards. At the same time, Balaram’s crop had suffered some losses due to unseasonal rains.

Similarly, in the summer season also, Ram Avatar saved his crop from the scorching heat. Ram Avatar could save the crop from all kinds of damage.

He gave the crop as much rain as was needed. So, no disease could flourish in agriculture, weeds did not grow.

Ram Avatar did what he wanted. He was happy that this year will be a more crop. Time passed and it was time to reap the harvest.

Time To Harvest The Crop:

When the crop was harvested, it was noticed that the earrings either did not have wheat grains or were very small.

Ram Avatar could not understand why this happened? He went to Balarama. He saw that Balaram’s farm had a good crop.

Ram Avatar asked Balaram to know the reason for this. Balarama told him that he removed all the difficulties. There was no difficulty left. You did everything according to yourself. So, instead of producing power in the crop, all the power was lost.

Now, Ram Avatar understood that to move in life, one has to struggle. Power arises in us only because of struggle.


Friends, the same thing happens in all our lives. We all want everything to be favorable to us. So, with everything favorable to us, the power to struggle in us becomes zero.

If you want the power to struggle within you, then you have to learn to fight the difficulties.

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