Online Education: Future Of Online Education

Will online education continue in the times to come? Can Online Education Replace Classrooms? Will online education continue even after Covid-19? We will try to know the answers to many such questions in today’s talk.

The one thing that has seen the most change in this Covid-19 pandemic is the education sector. Covid-19 has done the work of refining the education sector completely you can say.

This forced the big educationists of the country and the world to think about making changes. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced teachers to think out of their own made-up way.

Today the result of that is the teachers have to change themselves. Those who have never held a conference in life, today they are also participating in the conference. Those who have never shot any video are also shooting videos and sharing them with children. All our teachers have become more digital than ever.

If it is the biggest global event since the Second World War, then it is Covid-19. It has shaken the whole world economically, technically, and politically.

With most schools and institutions shifting to online classes due to Covid-19, many people are expressing their views about the continuation of online classes in the times to come.

Why Are Live Lessons (Learning) Gaining Popularity?

There is no doubt that the same environment cannot be provided to the students in online classes as in a normal class of a school.

But another point is that in online classes, students get almost all the same facilities here as well.

Even in online classes, the interaction between the student and the teacher can be the same as in the school classrooms. Here also a teacher can handle his class in the same way as he does in school.

A teacher knows and understands very well when his class is feeling bored and when the class needs to be motivated.

In an online class also, real-time doubts can be cleared in the same way as in a school class. Here also a teacher is available for an hour like in a school class.

Future Of Online Education:

The corona pandemic has forced the entire education system to go online. Due to which the popularity of online teaching and online learning has increased very rapidly.

But friends, the point is that still many of our teachers are facing a lot of problems in taking online classes due to a lack of proper knowledge of online tools and ICT.

That is why there is a need to arrange separate ICT Tools training for such teachers.

Friends, looking at the changes that have taken place in the entire education system in the present time, it can be said that in the coming time online learning and teaching will be more popular.

There is also a reason for this, the way students are engaging in online classes in the present time, all of them must have made online classes a part of their lives till the corona is over. Or rather say that in this new environment the students must have molded themselves.

Therefore, by the time the schools open as before after Covid-19, a large section of students will have used themselves for online classes and online learning.