Perspective On Life: Why Is Perspective Important In Life?
Why do we have a good perspective on life? Why perspective is important in life?

How to change the Perspective and how much effect will be on your life? Let’s understand it…

What Is Perspective?

Professor Sharma always taught something new to his class students. One day he entered the class and said, today I am going to take the exam of you all. So after listening professor, all the students got scared.

The professor took out a white envelope and started giving question papers one by one to all the students. He was turning the question paper over and putting it on everyone’s table so that no one could read the question. When all the students got the question paper, the professor said, now you can start the exam.

And if anyone tries to peek at each other’s copy or ask, their numbers will be deducted. All the students turned around and looked at each other with surprise. Professor said what happened, why are you so surprised? So, then one student said, Sir, there is no question in this. There are just plain paper and a red circle in the middle. So, what do we have to answer?

After seeing this, Professor said, write back whatever comes to your mind. You only have 10 minutes. So, all the students started writing. And after 10 minutes, the professor collected everyone’s answers and started reading one by one in front of the whole class. Each student wrote an explanation of that red circle.

Why Is Perspective Important In Life:

Perspective On Life: Why Is Perspective Important In Life?
Somebody wrote that is made by one single line, someone wrote that was first a square and later is circled. Professor said don’t worry, this exam has nothing to do with your final marks. But just think, you all have given your answer in just one red circle. But nobody wrote anything about that empty white part around the red circle. So everyone nodded thinking yes.

Professor said we do something similar to our lives. So much is lost in red circles that the white pages of life don’t get noticed. Here, by red circles, I mean the problems, diseases, or any grief of our life. But there are so many other good things in our life that we don’t even see. Like our family, future, friends, and happiness.

Ever wondered, how many reasons do we have for being upset and sad, and how many for being happy? Perhaps if we counted, we will get many times more than the cause of sorrow due to happiness. Meaning we have many reasons to be happy. All the students were silently listening to the professor.

The professor gave the students a new perspective on life. We can either be happy or unhappy. So this is just a game of imagination.


This story is of course short but has a serious essence hidden inside it. All the children saw only a red circle on that blank paper but there was such a blank paper around that circle that nobody noticed.

The truth has been told in the story that we waste our life for small sorrows, but our great happiness doesn’t get our attention. So, change your perspective on life, then only you will find thousands of reasons to be happy.

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