Power Of Strengths: A Motivational Story

If you want to know the power of your strengths, then you must read this Motivational Story On the Power Of Strengths until the end.

So now, start analyzing the power of your strengths. Definitely, you will be able to know it.

One day a young man stood near a very large river. He wanted to cross the river. So, he waited for the boat to cross it.

After a few minutes, a sailor was found on the banks of the river and the young man went to the sailor and said, “Will you do me a favor? I want to cross the river, but I cannot cross the river without a boat, and luckily you have come here. Can you take me over there and I will pay you for that? ” The sailor said, okay I can help you to cross the river. Both sat in the boat and headed towards their departure.

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A Motivational Story On Power Of Strengths:

On this trip, they started a conversation. The young man asked, “Do you have knowledge about computers? This is the most important technology nowadays.” The sailor was confused and replied, “No,” After hearing the answer from the man, the young man said, “If you don’t have the knowledge about computers, this means that you have spent half of your life in vain.” The fisherman did not comment at all.

A moment later, the young man again asked the sailor, “Could you speak English easily, or at least you have some knowledge about it?” Then the sailor replied once again, “No,” I can speak only in my native language. ” The young man then suddenly said, “English is spoken in the whole world. If you are not able to speak English, then you have wasted 2/5 of your valuable life.”

The young man continuously asking questions, “Do you good at accounting? This is very important to manage our finances.” The sailor replied a bit loudly and angrily, “I have never learned about that, so I don’t understand what you mean.” And the young man said, “If you don’t learn about accounting, you will spend 4/5 of your life in vain.” Everyone should know this without exception. ” The sailor remained calm. He did not care what he said.

Don’t Compare Power Of Strengths:

Half of the way to the destination, a heavy storm and rain began to occur. Both of them were completely wet because there was no roof in the boat. So, both of them started getting cold. The rain and storm had become very strong. Due to which cracks started coming in the boat, and slowly the boat started breaking.

The young man was very frightened because he knew that there was still a long way to go to get across the land. But he did not know how to swim, thinking of this, the young man started to panic. Then the sailor asked him seriously, “Can you swim?” The young man sadly replied, “No. I can’t swim. The fisherman said sadly, “You are unlucky today, young man.”Let me tell you if you cannot swim, it means that you have spent more than half of your life in vain due to your swimming disability.” And now I cannot do anything for you more than this. Then the boat finally sank to the bottom of the deep river. The sailor reached the floating ground and the young man drowned because he could not swim.

Moral of the Story:

Everyone has their own strengths or expertise. The Power Of Strengths of one is probably different from the others. We should know that we cannot master everything in this world.

It is impossible to learn all things because it will confuse us and it is meaningless. It is better to master one or several things which are considered important or necessary for us. Unfortunately, many people like to compare themselves to everyone’s strengths. They always underestimate themselves and see their weakness rather than their strength.

Message To The Reader:

Let’s take another example. A computer specialist compared to a doctor. We cannot say that a computer expert is better than a doctor. Or otherwise, because his mastery of everything is very different. The computer specialist is great in computer science and the doctor is a specialist in medical science.

A computer expert is no more than a doctor because a computer expert knows nothing about medical things. And a doctor is no more than a computer expert because a doctor does not know everything about computers. Therefore they have their own strengths and weaknesses

One more example is the young man in the story. He claimed that he had knowledge of computers, English, and accounting. He felt better than the sailor. The sailor who did not know any of the – computers, English, accounting – was alive only because he could swim. So, do not pay attention to our weaknesses, instead focus on your strength and use it properly. So that you can move forward.

Maybe we are good at something, and on the other hand, we are bad at other things. This is fine, it is normal for you and everyone because we cannot be perfect at all the things of this world. If we want, we can also improve our weaknesses.


Remember, The Power Of Your Strengths. Always focus only on your strengths. Do not compare anyone’s strengths. Nobody probably knows what you know very well. Therefore, use your strength for your benefit.

Do not consider yourself inferior and weaker than anyone else. This will endanger you and give you low self-esteem. Increase your self-esteem by assimilating your strengths and always improve so that you are better and stronger than before.