Your Time Is Limited And Life Is Important
As your time is limited and life is important, so live for yourself and your loved ones.

Your time is limited so use it wisely and life is important so enjoy it full of joy.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when things are happening against you, or even if you try many times, there is no. of failure. But, should we sit down in despair of failure?

Every defeat goes by teaching us that more effort is needed. So, we should not stop trying. Whether our victory is guaranteed in our next or final attempt.

The Importance Of Time In Our Life:

We have limited time and our life is a gift of God. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to use our time effectively in good work and live life in the best way. So, you should give importance to your time and life.

Here is a short and inspiring story that tells you to live your life in the present and will not only continue to accumulate wealth. It will be left here because your time is limited.

So, let’s start a beautiful story.

There was a rich man living in a small town. He was busy accumulating wealth all his life and within 15 years, he had replenished enough money. The man had enough money to buy the entire city, but he did not help anybody in life. He was very happy and proud of his bank balance.

But he never used his money for himself or for others, he never tried to spend a penny on his wishes, clothes, or food. He spent all his life accumulating wealth. He was so busy making money that he never felt that he was getting old now. His entire life has passed. He never enjoyed, celebrated, and spent happy moments with his family.

Your Time Is Limited And Life Is Important:

One night, Yamaraja came.

Yamraj said – Your time is over. You have to come with me.

The man replied – but I have not yet lived my life. I was busy working. I need some time to use the assets that I have accumulated over the years through hard work.

Yamraj said – No, I cannot give you any more time. It is limited and cannot be given more than specified.

The man said – Look, I have a lot of money. I will give you half of my wealth. Will you give me another year?

Yamraj said – No, it is not possible.

The man said – Okay, I will give you 50% of my wealth. Will you give me at least one month?

Yamraj again said – no.

Then the man said – Okay, I will give you all my property, can I get an hour in return?

Yamraj said – You cannot buy time with your property.

Finally, the man said – give me a few minutes, I want to write a letter. You can accept it as my last wish.

Now Yamraj agreed.

The man wrote a letter to the people of his city. In his letter, he wrote –

Whoever receives this letter, read it, and pass it on to others. For the rest of my life, I worked really hard to become rich. Today I have a huge amount of money. But today I could not borrow even an hour of my life with all my possessions. So I want to tell everyone.


Understand the value of your time and life and use it in a good place. It is good to work hard in the present, but do not forget to live your life. Money cannot buy your time in life. It can’t buy your past either. The time that you waste will never come. Time is precious, do not waste it. Life is a beautiful gift of God. Live it to the fullest and help others.


This story for me is eye-opening. So, I thought why not share it on my blog so that other people too can read it and pass the truth to others as well.

Hope you enjoyed it and obtained something from it. If you feel to ask something about it you are free to comment below down. Keep enjoying it.

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