Your Way Of Working Makes You Successful: Not Hard Work
How you handle and manage situations in your life is what determines your success and failure.

Let’s understand this through a beautiful story “Your Way Of Working Makes You Successful”. I hope you will like it. So let’s start reading the story.

There were two close childhood friends, Amit and Sumit. They completed school education simultaneously and now both of them also completed college degrees together. Fortunately, they got a good job in the same company.

Both Amit and Sumit were very hardworking. The owner of the company was very happy with their work. The time moved at its own pace and after 5 years, Amit became the manager in the company, but Sumit was still a junior employee.

Your Way Of Working Makes You Successful Not Hard Work:

Though Sumit was happy that his friend became the manager, he felt lost. He thought that I work hard too. The owner could have given me the post of manager too but he did not do that, why?

The next day Sumit came to the office and resigned from his job. Now all the people in the office started thinking that Sumit is a good and hard-working boy, then why did he resign?

The owner of the company called Sumit and asks the reason for his resignation, Sumit said that you have no respect for hardworking people. You only make sycophants a manager.

On hearing Sumit, the owner smiled and said that if you have decided to go then you can go. But before you go do one of my work.

Your Way Of Working Makes You Unique & Successful:

I want to buy a good phone. My old phone doesn’t work properly, you tell me by finding a good phone of Samsung brand. Sumit went to the market and came back and said to the owner, yes I have seen a good Samsung phone which is worth 10000 Rs., you can take it if you want.

Now the owner called Amit and said, look, I have to buy a new Samsung phone tell me about a new one.

Manoj went to the market and came back and said – I saw many good phones in the market, which are available at different prices but I have liked for you the Samsung J7 Max phone, its features are very good and it will be right for you in the range of 15,000 Rs. if you want to order I have also brought his phone number, you can also negotiate yourself.

The owner smiled and said to Amit – see this is the difference between you and Sumit, of course, you are also hardworking and I know this very well but for this post, Sumit is more appropriate than you.

Amit understood everything and took back his resignation and started working in the company again as usual.


Friends, a problem like Amit has become very common in today’s environment. When we see someone succeed, then we think that I also do a lot of hard work but I could not succeed, maybe my luck is not good. Sometimes we blame the time, sometimes the situation, but we never try to find a difference between a successful person and ourselves.

I know that you are also hardworking, but the hard work that is done in the right direction, the right time, and the right understanding makes you successful. Otherwise, the donkey also works very hard but from morning to evening he gets nothing except the hunter.


Look at your shortcomings, think that who is ahead of us, why is he better than us? What is it that we don’t have? You will get the answer to all your questions on your own.

When you learn how to introspect, you will stop comparing yourself with others and then you will get better results. And always remember that only your way of working makes you successful not your hard work.

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